We Are Building A Landing Pad
As we prepare to say goodbye to Twitter and all of the amazing conversations we have had in the past decade, we want to invite you to join our newsletter. To be honest we haven't used it as much as we could have because we have relied on Twitter and Facebook. All that is about to change.

Here is what we have in store starting December 5th.
  • A weekly newsletter with:
    • A roundup of the relevant news to PhD life
    • Three types of information/advice:
      • Navigating Productivity
      • Succeeding on the Tenure Track
      • Leaving the Academy
  • Daily engagement on our Mighty Networks page with news about the academy and beyond. You can join that conversation here: https://the-professor-is-in.mn.co/share/IWcVP7DXcBBVM2eu?utm_source=manual
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